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    Anastasia Markovskaya

  • Born in Norilsk, an industrial city in the North of Russia, lives and works in Moscow​

  • Worked in Conde Nast Russia Vogue magazine, travelled around a world, lived in Japan, Italy and USA​

  • Art education started in 2012 at Art School «Detali », followed by mentorship by masters of Art: Maria and Alexandra Suvorova, Natalia Sitnikova, Ivan Novikov, Alexey Nikolaev, Dmitry Vrubel.​

  • At present writing a diploma in High School of Art «Sreda Obuchenia», student since 2019​

  • Active member of self-organization «22 Gallery»​

  • Took part in different exhibitions in Russia and abroad​

  • Member of Creative Union of Artists since 2017​

  • The main technics in my work: realism, abstraction, mixed technics​

  • Topics of interest to me: body, sportart, corporeality, posthumanism, insects, the relationship of human and nonhuman objects, VR

    Participation in exhibitions

  • 2021 Self-exhibition «Wandering galleries», Pokrovka residence, Moscow

  • 2021 “A point of the map” Site-Specific laboratory, Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2021 “Fluxus now” Jelmoni Studio Gallery, Basilica of S.Ambrogio, Milan

  • 2021 «AC voltage», Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2020 Self-exhibition «Supreme Power», Gallery Surface Laboratory, Moscow

  • 2020 «Follow the wind of cosmic dust», Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2020 «The Other Art Fair Los Angeles» - апрель 2020 — 2021

  • 2020 Tokyo International Art Fair - October 2021

  • 2020 «New reality»100 years УНОВИС, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

  • 2020 Youth exhibition in Creative Union of Artist «Idea space»

  • 2019 Artweek Beijing

  • 2018-2019 «Architecture» Saratov museum

  • 2017-2018 «Russian Art week» Artplay, Moscow

  • 2017 Paris Artweek

  • 2016-2017 «Abstract reality», «Skyline» and others in Central Artist’s house, Moscow

  • 2016 «Geometry Biology», Moscow Creative Union of Artist

As part of a series of interviews with artists of the "Community 22" Alfiya Shamsutdinova (performance artist, accomplice 22) talked with Anastasia Markovskaya. We talked about the combination of spiritual and physical, about the path of a modern artist and about the beetle Valera.

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