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    Anastasia Markovskaya

  • Born in Norilsk, an industrial city in the North of Russia, lives and works in Moscow​

  • Worked in Conde Nast Russia Vogue magazine, travelled around a world, lived in Japan, Italy and USA​

  • Art education started in 2012 at Art School «Detali », followed by mentorship by masters of Art: Maria and Alexandra Suvorova, Natalia Sitnikova, Ivan Novikov, Alexey Nikolaev, Dmitry Vrubel.​

  • At present writing a diploma in High School of Art «Sreda Obuchenia», student since 2019​

  • Active member of self-organization «22 Gallery»​

  • Took part in different exhibitions in Russia and abroad​

  • Member of Creative Union of Artists since 2017​

  • The main technics in my work: realism, abstraction, mixed technics​

  • Topics of interest to me: body, sportart, corporeality, posthumanism, insects, the relationship of human and nonhuman objects, VR

    Participation in exhibitions

  • 2021 Self-exhibition «Wandering galleries», Pokrovka residence, Moscow

  • 2021 “A point of the map” Site-Specific laboratory, Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2021 “Fluxus now” Jelmoni Studio Gallery, Basilica of S.Ambrogio, Milan

  • 2021 «AC voltage», Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2020 Self-exhibition «Supreme Power», Gallery Surface Laboratory, Moscow

  • 2020 «Follow the wind of cosmic dust», Gallery 22, Moscow

  • 2020 «The Other Art Fair Los Angeles» - апрель 2020 — 2021

  • 2020 Tokyo International Art Fair - October 2021

  • 2020 «New reality»100 years УНОВИС, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

  • 2020 Youth exhibition in Creative Union of Artist «Idea space»

  • 2019 Artweek Beijing

  • 2018-2019 «Architecture» Saratov museum

  • 2017-2018 «Russian Art week» Artplay, Moscow

  • 2017 Paris Artweek

  • 2016-2017 «Abstract reality», «Skyline» and others in Central Artist’s house, Moscow

  • 2016 «Geometry Biology», Moscow Creative Union of Artist

В рамках серии интервью с художниками Сообщества 22 Альфия Шамсутдинова (художница перформанса, сообщница 22) побеседовала с Анастасией Марковской. Поговорили о сочетании духовного и физического, о пути современного художника и о жуке Валере.

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